Back on Track With Oath of Blood

Today’s post will be fairly brief, but I feel I should put it out here so that you lovely (or handsome, as you please) readers are aware of my general situation—and, more importantly, my progress with Oath of Blood.

The last two months, like the several before them, have been…special. And not in the way that makes them pleasant experiences or fond memories. However, I am making progress toward getting my personal situation well under control, both in terms of my health and the matter of my soul-suck of a day job (more on that in the weeks to come, I hope).

The result regarding Oath of Blood is that, after an editor-enforced batch of downtime from the manuscript, I am back at revisions and such. The problems that affected the manuscript in the Fall have been largely resolved, and it now falls to me to insert several new chapters to smooth things out, to make sure the rest of the pre-existing content aligns well with the new additions, and the like.

Things have been rough, but I’m able to get my head above water these days, and that is something.

I’d hoped to have Oath out to you all months ago, but that was clearly not to be. However, progress is again being made, and I am grateful to you for your ongoing patience—especially to any of you who backed the Indiegogo campaign and thus put your money behind this project, too.

Oath will be finished.

More updates as revisions progress, hopefully in the immediate weeks to come.

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