A New Update, As Was Foretold

I’m a bit long in posting this update, mostly on account of things I’ll get to a bit further down the page, but I have very good news about Oath of Blood.

As of Wednesday the 14th of January (last week), the rewrite draft of Oath is complete.

Stunned? Disbelieving? Dubious?

Here, take a look for yourself:


After two or so years of slogging through Rewrite Hell, I’ve finally arrived at a complete text, one which I believe tells the story in the most capable way (or at least the one I’m most capable of). It weighs in at just over 78,000 words. Scrivener ballparks that at around 200-225 paperback pages, but that depends heavily on layout—as well as on the next stage of this process.

I speak, of course, of the (hopefully) last round of polishing, revising, and editing.

Because while the Oath draft is complete, it’s not finished. That is to say, it’s not ready for print just yet. There are still a few patches that don’t satisfy me, and there are several scenes where I still suspect something minor is broken.

In many ways, it’s very much like a first draft in that regard, though it benefits from the lessons learned from all the drafts that came before it (five now in total).

So now that I’ve gotten to a point where I can print it off, stare at it, and say, “Okay, that’s mostly done,” I’m now settling into the task of going over it in detail and making sure all the dings and dents and scratches are taken care of.

Still, it’s a pretty damned good feeling to know the hardest part—the big fixes and the rewriting itself—are generally behind me.

And on a somewhat related note, it’s good I printed it out, because—remember a couple of posts back, when I talked about backing up your shit? Yeah, the husband and I have gotten a double-strength reminder of all the reasons why you should do that in the time since the New Year.

His computer up and died—hard drive and motherboard failure, from what we can tell, one or both perhaps related to an epic electrical storm. Then, just as we’d gotten that sorted out completely, over this past weekend mine shat itself in a spectacular fashion (probably a symptom of its age) and required some severe corrective measures of its own. Lucky for us, we’re diligent about our backups. In my case, everything that was lost when I went to raise my machine from the dead existed in at least four forms, in at least three places.

The backup restoration process is still ongoing, but to my knowledge, I haven’t lost anything—and if I have, it’s nothing vital.

This has been a great test overall of my offsite backup company as well. While restoring almost 100 gigabytes of stuff via download is a time-consuming process, it’s not impossible by any means, and it demonstrates to me the value of the money I pay the company every year. (I gripe, not infrequently, about the modest expense, as my husband well knows.)

Honestly, about the only thing I’ve really had occasion to complain about is the time: time spent downloading backups, time spent reinstalling software, time spent babysitting years and years’ worth of cumulative security updates to Windows.

For the moment, I’m getting things set back up to I can address some work for clients, and I’m also gathering my notes and my thoughts for the next step with Oath—while staving off the desire to start in on something new that’s gnawing at my brain like a rabid squirrel.

With the coming of the New Year, I’ve also got a backlog of things to address on other parts of the site, around the office, and just in my life in general. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of at least a weekly blog post, but we’ll see where things end up. The most important aspect of my creative day right now is Oath, and I’d rather miss a few posts here than slow up the progress there.