Regarding Old Site Content

One of my biggest goals for January is to complete the process of transitioning the website to WordPress. I’ve got a handful of things left to do that way, and some of them may be slow in coming online, while others are quick and relatively painless.

Probably the single most frustrating and time consuming element of the change is making sure old blog posts make the jump from the old site to the new. Sadly, my old host has no single, easy mechanism for exporting old content in a format that is usable by WordPress…so this means I’m going to have to manually copy and port them all to the new site.

That’s going to…take a while. So if you start to see backdated archives popping up, feel free to take a look, but they’ll be functionally the same as the old material.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be able to port the old comments, which pisses me off not a little bit, but, well, there are reasons I’m making the switch to WordPress, and the clunkiness of the old interface is surely one of them.

In making the jump, I’m also streamlining the content of the site substantially. Certain things that were a pretty big deal on the old site will be going away and/or not making the jump, while other, newer things may take their place. Or I might just leave it super simple. We shall see.

Obviously I’ll be getting some links up to Shit I Have Written, though probably that page will be more diplomatically named, and I’ll be getting a fillable email form up and running on the Contact page as soon as I figure out how to do that. In the meantime, you can bounce over to the old site and drop me a line if you want (or you can leave a comment here).

Thanks once again for your continued patience as I get the new site up and running. It’s my hope that, with the easier interface and such, you’ll see much more of me in this space in the days and months ahead.

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