Slowbusy Day

Today’s been a slower day for me in terms of my brain, though not in terms of things to do. It’s one of those days when my thoughts just won’t seem to organize themselves, when the cats are forever underfoot and needy (but never quite satisfied) and when the stuff on my to-do list seems to multiply like rabbits.

The positive is that I’ve gotten a little bit done, but the negative is that it’s not as much as I wanted—or, really, even needed. My energy levels have been negative since I got out of bed, and all the coffee in the world hasn’t helped. That and, for whatever reason, the anxiety demons have come out a bit to gnaw on me. Nothing ever seems to chase them off; the best I seem to be able to manage is to wait them out.

On days like today, it seems like the best thing I can do is to preserve what energy I have, choose the most important things from the list, and do my best to get those done—that and hope tomorrow is a better day.

But in the name of consistency (and because it helps keep me on track), I’m making the effort to at least post something today. I may not do so every single day—after all, some days, there just won’t be much to report—but checking in regularly on the blog does a lot for me in terms of focus. I hope it also helps to keep you informed as well, and to let you know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

Here’s hoping you’re having a good day, and that tomorrow will be bright and productive for us all!


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