Changing of the Guard

A bit of news regarding Oath of Blood has emerged, my magnificent horde, and because I prefer to keep my process honest and open, I want to share that news with you.

The short version is this: I am experiencing an editorial changing of the guard.

The long version is this:

Recently, I received a call from my editor, who had some unpleasant news for me. Life, as it sometimes does, had imposed itself upon her such that she could not complete the editing for Oath. As a result, she would be returning the manuscript to me.

If that frustrates you, I would ask your understanding. Life gets the best of all of us at times, and we must make the decisions that best allow us to move forward in good faith with our own work, art, and priorities. I have had to make those calls, as you likely have. Now my editor has had to make such a decision, and I cannot help but empathize.

So I hope you’ll join me in offering words of encouragement to my outgoing editor, who has been part of Oath of Blood since the beginning, and whose assistance brought me over many a dark and perilous threshold. I wish her only the best in her own journey and in her creative calling, and I hope you will, too.

As for the question of who takes the helm now, fear not! That matter has already been addressed, and so I am pleased to welcome a new editor to the manuscript.

She is a good soul who will not hesitate to call my bullshit, slaughter my darlings, and wreak whatever other editorial havoc is necessary to bring Oath over the finish line. Indeed, for the sample edit she offered, I sent her three pages; she sent back two—and this in a part of the manuscript that has seen six drafts.

I wailed and gnashed my teeth a little, as writers are wont to do, but the cuts were good, the recommended changes exactly the strong medicine I needed.

Last night I commended Oath of Blood into her capable hands. By current estimations, the markups are likely to be back to me sometime in mid-spring. However, if they take longer, they take longer, and this is as it should be.

So—three cheers for the editors, both outgoing and incoming!

(And now, back to work on “Beasts” for me!)

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