Kane’s Gastric Shenanigans: Update

I thought I’d provide a quick update to Kane’s situation this morning before I get down to the business of continuing to kick this novelette into shape.

As you may recall from Sunday’s post, about a week ago, Idiot Cat Child #2, more commonly known as Kane, took it upon himself to ingest a variety of non-food objects. This in turn led to a bout of sickness, a severe case of dehydration, and a not-cheap visit to the vet to pump him full of medicine and fluids.

On Monday night, he at last had a substantial bowel movement, and he passed an impressive assortment of Things That Are Not Food, to include the following:

  • The remains of a brown shoelace, including bits of the aglet;
  • An astounding collection of string and people-hair;
  • And a hearty mouthful of shredded paper from the office paper shredder bin.

As you might imagine, we were not amused (and we were at a loss as to where he collected so much hair). We were, however, glad that he had passed the objects, as this meant he would likely be all right.

We’ve watched him carefully the past few days for further signs of trouble. He seems to be in the clear now, and is currently in residence on my lap, kneading and making the grunting piglet sounds he makes when he is pleased (he does not purr).

Whatever anyone may say about life with cats (especially this one), it’s certainly never boring.

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