2910477Lisa V. Tomecek was born under a blood-red moon and no fewer than six and a half mildly annoying omens. Reared on a diet of campy movies, cartoons, and video games, she inevitably took to writing her own adventures, and the multiverse has not been safe since.

Legend has it that she once went to graduate school, but the truth of the matter is that she was off conquering the asteroid belt. Her victories were many, her exploits the stuff of legend, earning her the title of Warlord of Space. Even now, her name is spoken in hushed whispers in the smoke-shrouded taverns of Ceres and the war-camps of Vesta.

Back on Earth for the time being, Lisa now spends her days writing and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. She is a fan of old pulp magazines, role-playing games, bad barbarian movies, heavy metal, swords, tattoos, and Japanese whiskey. Lisa lives in the suburban wilds of central Texas with a very patient husband (affectionately referred to here as Mr. Warlord) and two indolent cats, Kane and Agnes.